Employee Leasing

When you need extra help call Delivery Service Phoenix. Our professional, well trained, and experienced couriers are available for hire by the hour or by the day. Delivery Service Phoenix couriers and drivers provide additional support as needed! Call Delivery Service Phoenix, your “virtual courier” department.

Fleet Outsourcing is becoming more and more common  for companies of all sizes in many different industries,  as the economy, and rising fuel prices has brought  increased pressure to streamline operations and focus  on core competencies. You are experts in your chosen  field, and we are experts in the logistics of  transportation, routing, and efficiency.

If you are feeling pressure from rising prices of new vehicles, vehicle maintenance, fuel, employee and benefit costs, not to mention, workman’s comp and other issues, then we encourage you to reach out to us and let us take a look at your transportation needs. For many companies, we are able to offer simplicity and significant cost savings and dramatically improve efficiency and customer service, while eliminating new capital expenses, and allowing you to recapture some capital by selling your vehicles.

Fleet outsourcing and choosing the right 3rd party logistics company can turn an ailing venture into a thriving business. We have almost any vehicle imaginable available for your needs, and will work with you to develop a pricing model that will show an immediate decrease in operating expenses, and go straight to your bottom line. Outsourcing your transportation needs is a business decision that make sense on so many different levels. We work with small companies with just one driver in a small car as well as Fortune 500 giants with 10 or more 24′ trucks running every single day.